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Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru is a lake in the Rift Valley of Kenya. The area that includes the lake is a national park. Lake Nakuru is famous for its pink flock of flamingos, said to be one million birds.

However, recent agricultural development in the area has reduced the amount of water flowing into the lake, and it is somewhat uncertain how long the flamingo paradise will be protected.

Flamingos in Nakuru National Park

The flock of flamingos in this photo is not very large, but I took this photo because the pink color reflected on the surface of the water was beautiful. It was just before rain and the sky was covered with black clouds, so it became this color.

Lake Nakuru Tours

Several types of tours to Lake Nakuru are available from Nairobi. There are so many day tours to Nakuru and also multiple day tours including other national parks and game reserves in Kenya.

Lake Nakuru isn't just for flamingos. Giraffes and rare black-and-white colobus monkeys also live here, although they are not very numerous.

Giraffes in Nakuru

Among serows, there are quite a lot of waterbucks, large serows that prefer watersides. Below is a picture of a male waterbuck.

Waterbuck in Nakuru
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